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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Making Blogger more friendly

I have found a way to add friends to my blog by adding links. If you would not like your name added to my links let me know. It was really selfish because I wanted to be able to check other people's blog easily. I am working to make this more "User Friendly" so that I can get Amanda to do more than just stick a foot in the bandwagon but maybe go for a ride with us all. I am also wanting to find out who all has switched over. So leave me a comment let me know you are there. By the way for those of you who would make fun of the fact that I put a "Cute" picture of kittens on my page... don't mess with me or I will have to personally tell you of stories of kittens dying in very sad ways. So walk away.. it is just a good "friends" picture.

Deep thought: If noone comments on your blog is what they are doing considered spying. Is it a violation of privacy for me to not be aware of the fact that some person is reading my thoughts and feelings. I mean they are even reading the deepest thoughts of my mind. In fact I even label that section "Deep Thoughts" I mean that isn't fair is it?


Blogger Ashes for Beauty said...

you are so strange. this is one of the many reasons why i love you....

feel better.

12:17 PM


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