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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Walmart bows

So I hear today that Walmart decided not to contribute or support any controversial issues sush as the support of gay marriage which was reason for the call for people to boycott Sams and Walmart this friday and saturday. All that is great I will personnally not enter either of those stores because I have a high level of self preservation and the concept of fighting an angry mob to buy a couple items that will still be there a few days later is worth the few dollars more it may cost me. So having said all that... I am still awaiting the arrival of my daughter. Any day now still. If you have been reading this you are probably tired of the "any day now" statements try living in that state 24/7. There is hope that we are closer but technically because the way time works we are "closer" to everything that hasn't happened yet and that kind of takes the power out of the word "closer". But still this week looks promising.

Deep Thought: Life will never be the same after my child is born and though I know that and I am expecting that life will be different, I even know some of the changes coming... still there is no way to be prepared or to know. So I knowingly face a time in life I know little about and can't know more than I do until I go through it. but then it's done. (and too late)


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