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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holidays are hard but almost over

Many people wonder why I am down on the holidays. Long days and nights at work trying to make Christmas productions look good that I don't actually get to see because I am pushing buttons, trying to make ends meet and buy gifts for those you "have to" and explain to everyone else that you love them you are not getting them anything so don't get me anything. Along with the fact that I am still not sure why we are still celebrating the birth of Christ on a day that is not remotely close to His birth. But all in all it is still a time that brings out the best in many and it is (whether it should be or not) still the time to celebrate Christ. So forgive my looks and comments and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Deep Thought: If it is so easy to change the birthday of the savior of the would why don't we change everyone's birthday in America to one week in July and everyone gets three days off of work and everyone buys everyone a gift and noone will ever forget anyone elses birthday.


Blogger Ashes for Beauty said...

how ideal. you've got my vote.

5:29 PM

Blogger amanda. said...

why july?

9:29 AM


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