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Monday, December 04, 2006

Still have a baby

That may seem like a weird title, but when you consider that Jess and I have had babies at our house for as much as a week at a time baby sitting the concept that this one is ours is still sinking in. My heart pounds out loudly that she is ours but the routine still makes my mind think she is going home. I am glad she isn't. Times at night when she is crying you ask yourself what have you gotten yourself into, but when she looks at you and smiles and makes faces you ask how did I wait this long to experience this. Things are great and going well I am glad to say. Mushy post I know but I am obviously in one of those life experiences.

Deep Thought: A mind is slowly developing around me and everything I do contributes to that in some way. What will be the result of my going from Husband to Husband and Daddy? (please note that I put husband and daddy because it is important that I don't stop one to be the other. That is another deep thought but more for me personally even though I just shared it with you)


Blogger pwnelope said...

I'm glad you did wait this long, any sooner and you wouldn't be my Boben. <3

Meaning you'd marry someone else and be her sister's Boben. And that would just make me sad.

12:01 AM


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