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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To love the source of crying it is a paradox of sorts

Jacey is doing well other than she has a little snot happening which requires the use of a snot sucker. A little blue bulb that is jammed up her nose just short of the brain then released making a "cup is empty sound" then it is pulled from her head followed by a stream of what has stopped her up. This is very sad to do (I assume since Jess is the one doing it though it is sad to watch). And Jacey cries the whole time. It is heart breaking but still something that once would drive you crazy and make you say things like why won't those people take care of their baby so it will stop crying... now my heart flutters because it is my little girl. That is all I have tonight.

Deep Thought: To think about nothing takes more concentration than thinking about anything... just try it... I bet you thought about how to think about nothing. Good luck.


Blogger amanda. said...

yeah, that snot-sucker description is giving me flashbacks.

And I'm taking that title as a shoutout

1:21 AM


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