I am more than a denominational follower, more than a religous fanatic, more than a man in need of a crutch, I am a disciple of Christ.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Shooting furry creatrues a Christmas Tradition

My family traditionally hunts between Christmas and New Year's. This year falls in line and I am posting one to tell you that it has been relaxing and to say I killed a deer. Fun stuff. Here are some pics the deer I killed, two does I saw this morning, and a Bobcat that came by yesterday.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Holidays are hard but almost over

Many people wonder why I am down on the holidays. Long days and nights at work trying to make Christmas productions look good that I don't actually get to see because I am pushing buttons, trying to make ends meet and buy gifts for those you "have to" and explain to everyone else that you love them you are not getting them anything so don't get me anything. Along with the fact that I am still not sure why we are still celebrating the birth of Christ on a day that is not remotely close to His birth. But all in all it is still a time that brings out the best in many and it is (whether it should be or not) still the time to celebrate Christ. So forgive my looks and comments and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

Deep Thought: If it is so easy to change the birthday of the savior of the would why don't we change everyone's birthday in America to one week in July and everyone gets three days off of work and everyone buys everyone a gift and noone will ever forget anyone elses birthday.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

To love the source of crying it is a paradox of sorts

Jacey is doing well other than she has a little snot happening which requires the use of a snot sucker. A little blue bulb that is jammed up her nose just short of the brain then released making a "cup is empty sound" then it is pulled from her head followed by a stream of what has stopped her up. This is very sad to do (I assume since Jess is the one doing it though it is sad to watch). And Jacey cries the whole time. It is heart breaking but still something that once would drive you crazy and make you say things like why won't those people take care of their baby so it will stop crying... now my heart flutters because it is my little girl. That is all I have tonight.

Deep Thought: To think about nothing takes more concentration than thinking about anything... just try it... I bet you thought about how to think about nothing. Good luck.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Still have a baby

That may seem like a weird title, but when you consider that Jess and I have had babies at our house for as much as a week at a time baby sitting the concept that this one is ours is still sinking in. My heart pounds out loudly that she is ours but the routine still makes my mind think she is going home. I am glad she isn't. Times at night when she is crying you ask yourself what have you gotten yourself into, but when she looks at you and smiles and makes faces you ask how did I wait this long to experience this. Things are great and going well I am glad to say. Mushy post I know but I am obviously in one of those life experiences.

Deep Thought: A mind is slowly developing around me and everything I do contributes to that in some way. What will be the result of my going from Husband to Husband and Daddy? (please note that I put husband and daddy because it is important that I don't stop one to be the other. That is another deep thought but more for me personally even though I just shared it with you)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Baby Jacey is home!

Well it is the start of a new part of my life that will not end until I do. Then what I have left behind in the life and spirit of a little girl will go on. No deep thought today that is deep enough. WOW. Well I am going to get some sleep. Last night was a little rough, but I am already at this point two hours ahead of last night. I am a proud daddy... I have longed to say that for a long time. (More than the 10 months I have waited)