I am more than a denominational follower, more than a religous fanatic, more than a man in need of a crutch, I am a disciple of Christ.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Things ARE happening

To say nothing is happening simply because nothing has been posted is very off. Lots has been happening would be a better reason. Thankfully my little girl is sleeping more at night and that makes my little wife very happy. I have started the year more organized than another time in my life so for that I am happy. It looks to be more long term than a resolution so kudos to me. That is all at this time because it is taking from my limited time with my wife today and I don't want to miss a second.

Deep Thought: If you ask someone what's going on? They respond "nothing" is it wrong to respond back "get a life"

Thursday, January 11, 2007

No posts does not mean anything

So it has been a week or two since I posted but this is one of those times when I am busy at the church with calendar planning and other changes of events for the new year. This is an exciting time because you see at a glance all that you will be doing this year. Anyway life is great. The baby is great and I am loving being a Daddy. Look for the soon coming totally revamped church webpage. Until then...

Deep Thought: If I say nothing, yet think something over and over, is there any way to prove that it was my thought. If not then the only way to truly be original is say everything you think before anyone else. But what if someone is thinking about Abraham Lincoln or it is the "7 min lull" (which is apparently an international average of silence" will you be able to say it in time or will the lull give another person the change to be original.