I am more than a denominational follower, more than a religous fanatic, more than a man in need of a crutch, I am a disciple of Christ.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Baby on the way

My wife is in labor... for real now. Contractions about 10 mins apart. You may be thinking to yourself what is he doing posting a blog while his wife is in labor... oh my goodness what am I doing?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Almost held silent

I have been forced offline due to a router here in the office the died. Installing a new one that should have taken about 10 minutes has taken all day and still doesn't seem to be working well. But i am here and I have something to say. Jess was having contractions this morning for about two hours and they were close enough that we were getting up to go to the hospital... but they stopped and we are once again at the any moment but not this moment. I have had a rough day but I will not speak negatively because I am a blessed person. We did almost have lifegroup as usual and that was refreshing. I look forward to the first of the year and a rebirth of the lifegroup we all love just kicked up a notch (resisting to say "bam" for you Emeril)

Deep Thought: If I don't have a deep thought and I am stuck in an introspective loop that searches for something that is always there deep within me, which takes me to a deeper place of thought concerning where my thoughts were... is that a deep thought?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Walmart bows

So I hear today that Walmart decided not to contribute or support any controversial issues sush as the support of gay marriage which was reason for the call for people to boycott Sams and Walmart this friday and saturday. All that is great I will personnally not enter either of those stores because I have a high level of self preservation and the concept of fighting an angry mob to buy a couple items that will still be there a few days later is worth the few dollars more it may cost me. So having said all that... I am still awaiting the arrival of my daughter. Any day now still. If you have been reading this you are probably tired of the "any day now" statements try living in that state 24/7. There is hope that we are closer but technically because the way time works we are "closer" to everything that hasn't happened yet and that kind of takes the power out of the word "closer". But still this week looks promising.

Deep Thought: Life will never be the same after my child is born and though I know that and I am expecting that life will be different, I even know some of the changes coming... still there is no way to be prepared or to know. So I knowingly face a time in life I know little about and can't know more than I do until I go through it. but then it's done. (and too late)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Making Blogger more friendly

I have found a way to add friends to my blog by adding links. If you would not like your name added to my links let me know. It was really selfish because I wanted to be able to check other people's blog easily. I am working to make this more "User Friendly" so that I can get Amanda to do more than just stick a foot in the bandwagon but maybe go for a ride with us all. I am also wanting to find out who all has switched over. So leave me a comment let me know you are there. By the way for those of you who would make fun of the fact that I put a "Cute" picture of kittens on my page... don't mess with me or I will have to personally tell you of stories of kittens dying in very sad ways. So walk away.. it is just a good "friends" picture.

Deep thought: If noone comments on your blog is what they are doing considered spying. Is it a violation of privacy for me to not be aware of the fact that some person is reading my thoughts and feelings. I mean they are even reading the deepest thoughts of my mind. In fact I even label that section "Deep Thoughts" I mean that isn't fair is it?

Monday, November 20, 2006

Any day does not mean today

I am still awaiting the arrival of my first born. It is a lot of excited waiting which causes time to fly by (please note a thick layer of sarcasm on that last statement seeing as you can't hear me put it on). I am going through a tough time internally. I am trying to starighten out some things in my mind and heart so that I deal with some situations correctly. It is not a matter of personal struggle but with a way to respond to things that are a part of life. I have hope and peace and a big God so i look forward to a miracle.

Deep Thought: If life wasn't hard would we ever know when we have it good?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Xanga Debate

Amanda poses a question I take to heart. Is Xanga all that bad. Are the ads really like needles to the eyes or is it just an excuse to send a bandwagon flying down a hill to see who will jump on. Good point made there are no places to put"friends" and you have to know everyone's site. All this is true and I will open this subject to discussion right here. Though I have resolved this is where I will post (though posting in itself is the shocker not where), I am not saying this is better. We will let the people decide.

Deep Thought: Shouldn't the phrase bandwagon be updated. Now a band plays music only and a wagon is for little kids. Unless in fact to jump on a band wagon is stomping on the radio flyer of some musician's kid.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

False alarm still is an alarm

Well we went to the doctor to check Jess out because there were some signs that we might by going into labor. But turns out they are just signs. Things are still looking good and Jacey could be here any moment. But I will say my heart and mind got a little more prepared today when we went to the doctor. Any day, a statement said too easily but it carries much more weight.

Deep Thought: It is amazing that people survived the thousands of years previous to the times we live in, because doctors today make you feel like there is no other option than to do what they say. Don't get me wrong I am all about the modern drugs and fancy facilities, but wow can you imagine what it was like.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Skipped a day for Amanda's bruises

Well it is Saturday night and I am ironing clothes for church and setting out jeans for the hospital. I also just won the Western Conference title in NHL 06. Go Ducks!

My parents were in this weekend and I was glad to get to see them as well as go and help shop for my brother's house warming gifts. I am very excited for Travis. Things seem to be going good for many around me. I enjoy that because I tend to carry a good bit of other's stress. I want good things for them. Anyway today or two weeks from now I could have a baby. That makes for interesting moments. Any time Jess calls me I think it is time. Anytime I call someone else they think it is time. I feel like the boy crying wolf but I have to be able to call people.

Deep Thought: Four cows walk into a bar... and it's not a joke... is that possible? I mean that has to be a joke right?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another Day Another Post

Cows they are and interesting thing. More interesting that I just randomly post them. I have no explanation for the cow phenomenon that seems to be overtaking my mind. But it is Random and interesting. Besides that is just a great picture. I am going to have to pay part of Amanda's health insurance if I keep posting daily simply because repeated almost heart failure can't be good for her in the long run.

Something serious I am waiting with great anticipation the birth of my daughter as well as the relief that my wife so desperately needs. Both come through a very interesting and painful time that I am a little nervous about. I am still excited though. I am challenged that so many things in our lives affect the lives of others. As a n associate pastor my personal life affects a church, as a father my life affects a life that will carry on long after I am gone. That makes this a very introspective time. What seems important gets pushed aside by what is really important.

Deep Thought: Why do cows have four stomachs? Is there really the need to separate food that has already been swallowed. Is it a trickle down effect like a fountain when one is full it spills into the other. One thing you will never hear a cow say, "It doesn't matter if you mix the food together, It's all going to the same place anyway." (Nope it's not)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Twice in a row not once in a year

Okay my determination to start something new is stronger than my desire to put something off. I have posted two days in a row. Warning Amanda you may not believe this is possible. Please be careful reading this.

Life is interesting I am on the eve or not of having a child... a little girl. Every day is the potential first day I will hold her. I am eagerly awaiting that moment. It is an understatement to say my wife feels the same. With holidays coming and special events here at Life Church, there are many things to be excited about but I can't get my mind off of the blessing it will be to have a baby. God is stirring the waters at Life Church and new things are coming and I believe growth is inevitable. So I encourage everyone to step up to a new level in your walk with Christ and expect great things. Probably a little more spiritually challenging than what will be seen here regularly but it is one of those times. I still plan to end with a deep thought which is seldom spiritual at all. Look here I go.

Deep Thought: If a fictional writer takes two years to write a book and is consumed with everything in it will they loose touch with reality and truth?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The begining of the begining

I am starting something that is similar yet so different. Though I have had blogs that have fallen into the "fad" range of things to do I am starting a new blog. This one simply to allow people into the increasingly interesting mind of Joben Murray. A man of many hats experiences and thoughts. So this is the beginning.

Deep Thought: If a man types something on a computer and the power goes out before it is saved therefore no one reads it... was it written?